Indulge in our exquisite Ethiopian specialty coffee, meticulously roasted to perfection. This image showcases our freshly roasted coffee beans in a charming retail bag, featuring a front view that highlights the essence of our brew. Revel in the enticing aromas of violet, jasmine, and white grape, coupled with a delightful tea-like body. Elevate your coffee experience with our premium selection
Ethiopia Natural - King of Guji - Rise & Grind Roastery-250g-Whole Bean-

Ethiopia Natural - King of Guji

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Jose Silver

Met the owner at a Christmas fair. He is really passionate and this coffee is the best roast I have had to make coffee with at home. lovely depth and fruitiness of flavour without needing to be really bright/ acidic. That is actually really hard to do and for me as a customer has been really hard to find!

Lynne-Marie Stebbens
King of Guji, Ethiopia

Just had my first cup of King of Guji - absolutely amazing! I'd really recommend giving it a try.

Product description

Sookoo Coffee's Qabballe blend is a natural coffee that promises a delightful and flavorful experience. Emphasising quality and precision, Sookoo Coffee carefully upholds a maximum layer density of 4cm during the drying process, ensuring that the cherries are efficiently dried without risking over-fermentation or potential defects. To achieve this, the cherries are diligently moved around on the drying beds six times per day, allowing for optimal airflow and uniform drying. The result is a well-balanced and exquisite cup of coffee.

Produced using the Sookoo Coffee processing protocol, the drying time for their lots ranges from 21 to 28 days, a testament to their commitment to bringing out the best flavors in the coffee beans. The name "Qabballe" itself holds cultural significance, meaning "cold" in the local language. This refers to the high altitude, temperature, and climate of the coffee's origin, adding a unique touch to the story behind each cup.

Ture Waji, the visionary behind this exceptional coffee, not only prioritises the quality of the beans but also the well-being of the farmers involved. Taking time between harvests, Ture educates farmers on best agricultural practices, empowering them to improve the quality of their cherries and elevate their livelihoods. Additionally, his company provides pre-harvest loans to support farmers in essential farm maintenance tasks like weeding and planting. Through Sookoo Coffee and Ture Waji's commitment to excellence and social responsibility, Qabballe is more than just a coffee; it's a symbol of sustainable practices and genuine care for both the environment and the community.

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Coffee Overview

Tasting Notes

Violet, Apricot & White Grape

Origin: Ethiopia

Region: Guji zone, Oromia Region

Producer: Ture Waji

Altitude: 2120 masl

Varietal: 74110/74112